Monday, February 7, 2011

My little cupboard...

So here is my little white cupboard...

 I don't think there could be enough shelves
in my house to display my white ironstone and pottery.
Because if there was,
I would just buy more!
 I am absolutely obsessed with it,
and love to look at it.
 I love the thrill of the hunt
 finding those treasures
out there that are destined to be mine.
 And then coming home to arrange them
and find new homes for all my treasures.
 So, here is one of my favorite areas in the house...
come on in and look around!

There ya' have it,
a little white cupboard in my house, 
just the way I like it!


time worn interiors said...

Just found your blog and couldn't believe my eyes when I seen you lived in Bowling Green! I live in Glendale, Ky. Nice to see a blog from someone so close! I be back!

maureen said...

Well hello Liz, so nice to meet you! I so love that little white cupboard, I'm looking for something just like it for my collecion of? white ironstone. :) I love it too. I had to laugh as I scrolled down and saw your collection, I have so many similar pieces. And I just love that shade of blue, I've been thinking about painting my living/dining room that color. So glad you stopped by, I'll certainly be back.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Hi Liz, Maureen sent me over. I really love your cabinet filled with ironstone. It's all just gorgeous. I too have a weakness for it. I haven't found any all white in awhile. I always have my eyes peeled!