Sunday, February 20, 2011

A table under a TV...

This is a corner my formal living room...
Not that it IS formal,
we just call it that.
in this corner of the LR
I have a very big and very old
chest that sits under a unfortunately very large TV.
  I  kept
the accessories on the chest
light and airy
because the chest and the TV
are both so dark and heavy.
So, I used light colored
elements from the sea
under clear glass cloches.
 Some are even souvenirs
that we found on various vacations,
which gives the vignette more meaning for our family.
 I like how the clear glass
and the lightness of everything
is such a contrast against the dark wood. 
 The chest is very rough and shabby.
So that is a contrast against the smooth glass as well. 
 So there you have it, 
another little corner of the Covington cottage. 


Ido said...

Beautiful cloches! So, what happened at your lunch with tot? you got to tell us!
Have a great day!