Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super bowl Sunday....

         Super bowl table scape...
So, if you are like me,
you can not have a party
with out putting a fancy spin on things.

Even a party that is mostly for the fellas
needs a little dolling up.
So, here is my Superbowl scape...
It is an all meat and potatoes menu.
A menu with the man in mind.
(Some of the food got eaten before I remembered to take picts.)

The menu was:
sausage balls served with an apple jelly & mustard dipping sauce
hot ham & cheese with poppy seed sandwiches
pigs in a blanket on skewers with a ketchup, mustard & brown sugar dipping sauce
mini fried hamburgers with Colby jack cheese
served on home style fries and topped with a sliced small tomato.
and lastly, a potato bar
I just popped some baby red potatoes in the oven with some spices
and then put topping in small ramekins around them.
I decided not to do any fresh foods or
desserts because, lets face it,
guys just are not going to eat it.
And I wanted my menu to be all about the guys.
I drew a football play on an old chalk board
that I use for different things.
(I got on line, and got a real play. 
 So, that no fellas could laugh at me!)

Of course, the beverages
on ice in a galvanized bucket.
I also set beer glasses out
in case any one preferred.

This is am old football and stand
that I borrowed from my dad.
He played football and then became a referee.
He still carries the chain for WKU, our local college.
And if you know what carries the chains means,
then you know your football!
I also used a strip of the indoor-outdoor carpet
to mimic the look of a football field.
This really gives the table a sporty look and feel.
I scattered whistles and other little
football paraphernalia around on the table.
Whal-la Super bowl party
with a menu of the man
and wow-factor for the woman!
Goooooo Team!
Happy Super Bowl Sunday, ya'll!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun party with great food!! Love the turf table runner... perfect! ;-)
~ Jo

Anne Marie... said...

hilarious! love the turf as the runner - my mom did a similar idea with her food (of course!) the old football and everything looked great....and yes, I totally can relate to the 'not the ordinary party'

anne marie

Anonymous said...

I'm not into football or superbowl or anything like that...Hubby isn't either......but your artful and creative spread has my interest!
I know that any man would like to touch down on your meat and potato spread!

Great job!

Ciao Bella!

Creative Carmelina

maureen said...

Yum! Great food, and I love the way you put it together not too foo-foo so the guys would like it too.