Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine of Mine...

  I thought I would show you how 
I spread a little love around
the Covington Cottage
for Valentine's Day...

I don't do too terribly much,
but a little love
can sometimes go a long way...
If you know me,
then you know
I  LOVE, love.
I repeat,
I am always wanting to fix my single friends up.
I fancy myself a bit of a cupid if you will.
So it may seem strange for such a lover of love
not to go all out on the day of love.
But, I guess I just feel like
 love kind of
stands on its own.
I don't need to cover my house in lovey-dovey stuff
because it is covered in actual love by those who live in it....
Not just one day, but everyday.
Forever and Always!


Kare said...

What a lovely blog you have! I just adore those little fabric hearts in the pretty.