Friday, February 4, 2011

Matilda, Matilda....

I held a Matilda Jane trunk show at my house last night,
and it was so much fun,
as usual.

I do not usually host anything at my home
that involves asking someone to buy something.
I feel like I do enough of that all day long at my shoppes.
However, this line is soooo adorable
that I feel like I am doing my friends a FAVOR by offering it.
Kinda like selling girl scout cookies~
people WANT to buy them!

So, if you get a chance check out their website
and then have a trunk show of your own.
Believe me when I say it is so much fun!
Just mix together some fun friends,
and some  a lot of wine,
Matilda jane clothes,
and wal-lah
Good times!

By the way,
they have the best adult clothing as well!
I basically live in it!
You are going to both hate me and love me for introducing you to this line!