Thursday, March 10, 2011

The hallway to the upstairs...

This is the hallway leading to our upstairs...
I have it covered in old mirrors
and picture frames
in varying shades of white.
kind of a simple idea,
but it makes the space look bigger.
I love the old patina of some of the mirrors.
And even though they are all different
shapes and sizes,
everything looks unified because of the color.
can not get enough of anything
that is old and chippy!
A gaze from the upstairs down...
I am still on the hunt for mirrors for my little collection...
probably always will be.
This is an old bowling pin
that I use as a door stop.
It is the exact color of the frames,
so it fits in nicely.
there ya go,
another little niche of the house...


Ido said...

Wow, it is very nice, I can say looks peaceful, clean, airy, beautiful.

time worn interiors said...

The mirrors turned out great!