Monday, March 14, 2011

Utility room re-do

This is what hubby and I did all weekend...
This once had the oddest half wall,
and old, outdated cabinets,
and was not very user friendly.
That was until this weekend,
and then it became this...
{no before pictures, I am the worst before taker!}
I think it is so funny that my washer and dryer
are actually going while I am taking these pictures!
and check out the dust on the light fixture.
Did not even notice until I posted these.
Oh well, such is life after a laundry room
has been out of commission
and when there is construction dust.
this is my trash can in this room...
It is an old ALL brand cardboard detergent bin.
It is actually full.
 I cropped the photo down
 so you wouldn't notice that.
But since you can see the laundry and the dust,
I figure why not just come clean!
{pun intended}
This is my pretty apothecary jar
that hold the oxiclean.
and a ball jar that holds the bleach pen
and any random items that fall out of
pockets and such during the wash or dry.
This is an enamel platter
that I use to hold the lost and lonely socks
until their mates are found.
{Some live here forever}
This is where I keep my
liquid laundry detergent.
It is actually a drink dispenser, 
but it works great as a detergent dispenser
and it looks a whole lot better than the store's container. 
My basket of ironing...
{There are things from last summer in there}
This is a metal milk bottle basket
that holds my stain remover, bleach, tonic water, etc..
My shelf of lovelies,
so that I have something pretty to look at while I
do the dreaded laundry...
This is the wall behind the washer and dryer.
There you have it...
A fresh and clean utility room.


michelle said...

What a very pretty laundry room! I love how you organize your things and I love that light fixture, dust and all!! :)