Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My baby girls room...

My baby girls vintage baby bedroom...
 Things have not changed
much since it was a nurseryfor her.
Just the bed. 
 I wanted it to be a sweet
room, all about vintage baby stuff.
 Most of the items in the room
either were gifts from friends and family,
 or heirloom and
sentimental baby items passed down
from hubby, my parents, or me
from when we were babies.
 There is a baby picture
of each of us
in this room. 
 I love the tarnish
on the old silver baby cups.
and the original old frames the baby pictures are in.
...adds to the vintage look of the room. 
 Tattered old books
and old baby prints are used all over the room. 
 This is what we used as
a daybed in the room
when there was still a crib.
When the time came for the crib to go,
we just made this the main bed and
shuffled around some pillows.
 Even the furniture was a hand me down
from one of my sisters.
Worked perfect with what I had in mind for the room. 
 more tattered, vintage baby prints...
 This is actually a plant stand
that I put more family momentos in and
a round glass top on
to turn it into a shadow box table.
This is one of my favorite things in the room.
 These lamp shades are one of the only
new things in the whole room.
They look vintage, so they work.
I remember thinking I just might actually die if I
did not have these crazy expensive lamps.
Of course I could not afford them.
So, one of my sisters supprised me with them when we
came home from the hospital.
I was soooo excited!
 The gowns that the girls were
Christened in
are on display
 hanging on an old coat rack.
 A close up of the shadow box table
that holds my father's silver bowl and spoon
my grandmother's sterling silver brush and mirror set
My oldest daughter's baby shoes
My baby girl's silver rattle and new testiment
One of the pink bubble gum cigars my hubby gave out,
and a baby outfit of mine.
 So, there is baby girl Bradley's
baby girl room.
And I plan on it staying just that as long as I can!
Even though she is growing faster than is imaginable...



Ido said...

simply beautiful!

Martha said...

everything is beautifully put together:) so pretty