Monday, March 7, 2011

Stylish blogger award...

This lovely lady, named Renee
gave me this award...
You can check out her blog here
Thank you, Renee!

So the way this one works is
once you receive this award you must pay it forward
 to other bloggers that are new or that you enjoy following
 to bring more followers to them!
 You can share 8 things about yourself
 then pass it along to 8 others!

1. I am a sticky mess right now
 because of a project I am working on at my shop.
  I am using spray adhesive to attach old book pages
to the wall behind the check out counter.
Kind of like wallpaper.
{I will be blogging about this project soon}

2. I am addicted to Dr. Peppers. 
I told everyone that I gave them up for my New Year's resolution,
 but I sneak them in about three times a week,
which is a major reduction from what it used to be.

3. I am finishing up the renovation of my utility room today. 
 I am so excited to have that room back. 
My hubby really outdid himself on it.
{I will be blogging about this soon too}

4. I love opera music.
I have sirius XM radio in my SUV,
and when no one else is in the vehicle with me
I turn it up and listen to it.
Some operas move me to tears.
I can feel the emotions in the opera in my soul.
I am a bit picky about them though,
I only like French and Italian operas.

5. I am obsessed with magazines. 
I LOVE curling up in my chair and looking
at all the inspiration.
My husband is amazed that I am able to
spend so much of my time doing this.

6. My favorite days are the days
that I don't make it out of my pajamas.

7. I love the Lord,
and I want to live a life that would be pleasing to  him.
I want my life to not be wasted on myself,
but spent serving my savior.
{I have a LOOOONG way to go to get where I need to be}
8. My favorite color is white.
Yes, I know that sounds crazy,
but it is my favorite color!
There are tons of different shades of white,
and I love mixing them together in my home.
The mixture of the different shades
looks so comfortable and homey
and keeps things from looking too stark.


The 8 bloggers I've Chosen:
Some are new and have a few followers,
and others are not new and have many followers,
but I enjoy reading them,
and I want to share them with everyone I know!