Friday, March 18, 2011

madonna: to paint or not to paint...

This is one of my icon statues....
I love this one and I love the colors of it but, 
It just does not go with the other icons
in  my small little collection.
But I can not decide if I care if it fits in perfectly,
or if I should embrace the perfectly imperfect way it goes
with the other.

So, the question is...
to paint or not to paint!
What do you think? 


Ido said...

Hello Liz,
I wouldn't paint it, it is beautiful the way it is. May be put her in another part of the house?
Have a nice weekend

House Things said...

If it's not valuable, I'd paint it. Especially the base.

Montse said...

Why don't you try to "bleach" the colors with some liquids for stripping paint and then expose it to the elements. By the way, I have to tell you that I love your blog and visit it almost daily ,I have to suggest you to post bigger pictures, is so much fun to look at details and small pics are a bit challenging sometimes. THanks!

Lindsey said...

Paint! :)