Thursday, March 3, 2011

A house of hall walls...

So you know I live in an old,
 small cottage on Covington,
and in most older homes
there are not wide open spaces.
There are hallways
 that lead to every room in the house.
This is the case in my home.
All these hall ways are not exactly
the best case scenario 
if you like a big open look, as I do.
But, when you have lemons...
So,  I thought I would share with you
what I did to doll my hall walls up.
 I painted them in
 cream {Ralph Lauren roadster white}
and tan {Behr's teepee brown}
extra large horizontal stripes.
They do not seem to look straight in my photos,
but they actually are.
 On the wall that separates the girlie's rooms
I hung an old architectual piece
above family photos
all framed in chunky black frames,
{I wish I had used black and white photos instead of color}
and then hung hooks for the girls
to put their coats and back packs on.
No excuses for stuff thrown on the floor!

 This is an old telephone niche.
I usually have an original old black rotary phone
there that actually works,
but it is being used in a play currently.
So, it looks a bit under dressed right now.
But I am sure you can picture
the chunky black phone sitting
against the stripes.

 And this is the hall way leading
 in from the back door.

 I have hooks all along this wall.
This is a very used area,
and I needed it to be very functional.
 I love the sign above the hooks
that says
we are members of the Madison Ave. Society.
{we are soooo not the Madison Ave. type}
I love even more that
 I got it at a literal hole in the wall junk store for .99!
{see what I mean about not being the Madison Ave. Type?}
 These are the doors that lead into our laundry/utility room.
They are across from the wall in the above photo.
I attached old hotel room numbers to them
for a little extra something-something.
 My chunky key holder.
That I actually do use!
No more lost sets of keys!
I actually got this for free.
It was headed into the trash.
Can you believe that?
 Love this set of hooks
made out of an old piece of moulding
and old silverware!

 And this is at the end of one of the hall ways.
I am hoping to eventually stack these suitcases
to the ceiling in ascending size.
I got that idea recently
But these were the only suitcases I have as of now.
I am actually storing seasonal items inside of them.
So they are useful AND good looking!
Ok, so there are some of the many hallways
in my little cottage.



Ido said...

Your hallways are very pretty, I don't have hallways in my home, it is very open, can we switch? LOL!

Renee said...

I absolutely love your hallways! I am definitely using yours as inspiration for our hallway!

I also gave you an award! Come by and pick it up: