Thursday, April 28, 2011


I get a little short of breath
when I see the following:

anything old
and my hubby...

What does all of this have to do with the pictures today?
You are asking yourself....

In our little
as I so pompously like to call it...
{It is actually a little room that I
don't know what else to do with
that is in our up stairs
separating the office and the
master bedroom}....
{{The door you see is to the
office/storage/attic/craft area/place mom refers to when she is yelling,
"Hurry up and hid the crap! Our company is almost here!"}}
You get the idea...

Any who,
I was able to combine all those things
that make me catch my breath in this room.
I used OLD, printer's drawers
that once held letters used to make GRAPHICS,
to ORGANIZE my never ending,
always expanding SHELL collection.

I think it makes an absolutely lovely
display for those smaller shells that may
not command their own cloche
or spot on the coffee table,
but are still magnificent on a smaller scale.

Still you may ask,
"What about the HUBBY part?"
"Where does he fit in to all of this?"

Well, he is the one that hung them for me,
and I got to watch him do it....
Did I mention he is
eye candy?
Well, if not, he is!

Here's to the things that take your breath away!