Wednesday, April 20, 2011

bathroom refresh....

Ok, so after I posted pictures about our main bathroom here,
I noticed how disheveled and messy
everything looked!
So, I decided to
 freshen things up a bit...
hide all the unlovelies,
and rearrange the pretties...
So, here it is...
all fresh and clean
and looking good.
The towels made the cut and were allowed to stay.
The headbands in a basket were replaced
with a wire basket lined in burlap
 filled with some reading material.

The ironic thing is the only people
 who read on the potty are men,
and my reading material is not exactly manly material. 

 Maybe that was a subconscious decision
so that it will get any fellas that "go" there
to get in and out as quickly as possible. 

I rearranged the apothecary jars
and the other lovelies on the shelves. 
Nothing new, just moved around. 
Isn't it amazing what a little moving around can do for a space?

Had to show you the freshened up area,
so that you would not think of me as a messy girl.
However, if you did, you would not be far off!

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