Monday, April 11, 2011

Laundry room update...

an update to the laundry room post...
 I posted about the weekend
hubby and I spent remodeling
 the laundry room here
 but I added a few finishing touches
that I wanted to share with you....
 first of all,
I added some window treatments
from Ikea that go from the ceiling to the floor.
They cover up the uglies...
{hot water heater, furnace, necessary uglies, etc...}
 next, I hung brooms and dustpans
in different shapes and sizes
behind the washer and drier.

I actually don't hate
 being in this room any more!
{Which is a good thing, since
I am spending my day in there today.}


Anonymous said...

Hey! Me too...Monday is laundry day...and my folding table has no more piles of thrift store drop off bags of clothing that the kids have outgrown!
If we have to do the 'chore', let's not make it a bore!
great stuff!

ciao bella

Creative Carmelina

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Your laundry room looks adorable! The curtain was a great idea to hide all the stuff you don't want to see. Love that big pot, is it enamel?

michelle said...

Everything turned out beautiful Liz! What a calm and peaceful and pretty place to do laundry. :)