Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kitchen facelift....

My kitchen got
 a little Spring face lift...

 I switched out the island
from a dark and heavy piece of furniture
to this open and white table
 You can see what used to be the island here
 I was not sure how I would feel letting
the other piece go.
I have loved it for so long,
but if we try to sell the house
then there needs to be as much openness
as possible.
{open space is not easy for me}
{{I am obsessed with prefer stuff}}
 However, I love it!
But then again I am obsessed with  love change,
so no surprise there.

 I am using this outdoor candle holder  or vase
as my utensil holder, and
the shell is my spoon rest.
 chrome bread box and a rusty
dish towel holder together.
I love the mix.
 an old scale holds all of the
sink necessities...

there ya' have it!
Covington cottage kitchen face lift