Monday, April 4, 2011

The master...

Here is a glimpse of our master bedroom...
the bed...
I wish it got made like this everyday!
However, reality is,
 that the covers get pulled up
 and the pillows stay in a  pile on the floor.
The headboard in a
a tufted, ivory velvet.

The night stand on my hubby's side is
an old desk...
My side of the bed
 with some of my favorite pictures.
My night stand is a chest.
Our house is small,
so every inch has to count....
Space is one of the reasons
we decided to go with the wall mounted
bed side lamps.
Silhouettes of my girls....
the nitty, gritty.
our laundry basket....
this is such an old house
and there are built-ins every where.
Part of the character of an old home....

a shelf above the sitting area...
I love how rich this chair looks.
very hollywood regency,
but not too fussy for me.

there ya have it,
another little glimpse of the
Covington Cottage...